While driving to work I was hit by another vehicle. What happens if the other driver does not have insurance?

If you were driving a vehicle for work, during the course of your employment with your company, and were hit, whether or not you were at fault, you may be eligible to make a workers’ compensation claim. This type of an accident claim can be complex. The first thing you should do is talk to us at Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page so we can look at the circumstances of your accident.

If the alleged at-fault driver does not have vehicle insurance, which is common in Pennsylvania, you can be left in a very difficult situation because you cannot be compensated for your injuries. In an ideal world, both drivers involved in the accident would have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage that acts to protect drivers from accidents. Despite the difficulty of seeking compensation from an uninsured motorist, there are ways to make that happen. At Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page, we can outline the process for you during your first, free case consultation.

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I would recommend them to anyone and have.

John is a great attorney. John and his staff promptly return calls and emails when you have questions and concerns not only when the process starts but all the way to completion. John and his staff have been a godsend throughout. I would recommend them to anyone and have.

At our firm, we are familiar with car accidents and understand that all collisions are not the same, so our approach to each case is also different. Your Erie personal injury lawyer from MP2 Placidi & Parini has your back.