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In Pennsylvania, adoption is covered by Title 23, chapters 21-29 and requires a series of steps the adoptive parents and courts must follow in order for an adoption to take place. Adoption law may overlap with other parts of domestic relations law including, but not limited to, parental rights determinations, divorces and child support.

There are several steps required by the Court in order to adopt a child.

When a child is adopted, all parental rights are permanently transferred to the parent who adopts the child. Before an adoption can take place, there are four main steps that need to take place.

The first is the Pre-adoptive Home Study and Pre-placement Report. This report places time limits on when it has to be completed. The report must have been completed within three years prior to the placement of the child and also updated within one year prior to the adoption. Included in the report is information regarding the fitness of the parents for adoption and fitness of the home environment .

The second is the Report of Intention to Adopt: This is filed with the Orphans Court of the County where the child resides by the person who has custody of the child. In this report, specific information is included about the parent, child, and the adopting intermediary person or agency helping with the adoption. This report is typically filed within 30 days of receiving physical care of the child.

The third is the Report of the Intermediary. This report is filed within six months of the Report of Intention to Adopt. This is filed by the intermediary and it includes specific information regarding the intermediary, the child, and the adoptive parent.

The final filing is the Adoption Subsidy Agreement: This is an agreement that is between the parent and the agency having custody of the child. It outlines the financial support for the child, including reimbursement for allowable expenses related to the adoption process.

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