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truck accident lawyer

How Dangerous Are Truck Accidents and Who Can Be Held Responsible

Collisions involving a big rig or commercial truck are frequent and almost invariably deadly. Consider the accident that involved a car and a dump truck. A small Honda Civic was heading east when a dump truck crossed over from the other side of the highway, ending up directly in the path of the Honda. The…

motorcycle accident lawyer

Comparative Negligence in Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accidents

A large number of motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania tend to happen in the spring through the fall simply because the weather is better, and more motorcyclists are out on the roads. Moreover, motorcycle accidents occur so often because drivers fail to pay attention and look out for motorcyclists. Often, in the aftermath of accidents drivers…

workers' compensation lawyer

Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania

Although most Pennsylvania workers know what workers’ compensation is and what it does, not everyone is familiar with the history of this form of compensation for those injured on the job. It has been close to a century since the adoption of the first workers’ compensation laws. These laws are considered to offer greater clarity…

bad weather accident lawyer

Determining Fault in a Weather-Related Accident

Most people believe that the accident rate goes up when the weather turns for the worse. However, according to accident statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), a vast majority of wrecks happen under no adverse conditions. Because Pennsylvania weather is known for being unpredictable, many drivers are on alert to drive with care…

bus accident attorney

What To Do After A Bus Accident in Erie, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers different transportation options. These include public transit or government-owned transportation, locally-owned transportation, or state-wide transportation. The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a public transportation system operated in that part of the state. It is a state agency. In Erie, there is the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) available on a local…

LIFT bus accident attorney

LIFT Accident

Being involved in a LIFT accident in Erie, Pennsylvania, will likely leave everyone involved feeling shocked and confused. After a LIFT accident, it is best to reach out to an experienced bus accident attorney. While the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) does have an excellent safety record, accidents can happen at any time. Consider the…