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workers' compensation lawyer

Work Injury Accidents in Erie, Pennsylvania

Most days you get up and go to work, figuring it is going to be a regular day. However, one day, the scaffolding you were up on collapses and you find yourself flat on your back on the ground, with serious injuries. What happens next? Workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory for most employers in Pennsylvania…

personal injury lawyer

Personal Injury Accidents in Erie, Pennsylvania

People often wonder just what the term personal injury means and how it may apply to them if they are involved in some sort of accident such as: a traffic collision, slip and fall accident, motorcycle crash, dog bite incident, product liability, medical malpractice and even workers’ compensation. Most personal injury claims are handled in…

Erie car accident lawyer

What to Do If You Were Injured in a Car Accident

You are out for a drive on a nice day, on the way to work or heading to the grocery store and out of nowhere you get hit by another vehicle. That accident can change your life in an instant and possibly result in serious, disabling injuries or even death. For most accident victims, filing…

Erie car accident lawyer

Spring Break Car Safety Tips for College Students

Spring break is here. It is the time of year where thousands of college students head south for warmer weather and warm beaches. It is also a time when a lot of these students will be going to spring break parties and engaging in some potentially dangerous activities, especially when the use of a vehicle…

Erie slip and fall lawyer

The Hills and Ridges Doctrine in Slip and Fall Cases

Property owners in Pennsylvania, especially businesses, are tasked with keeping their properties free from dangerous conditions that might injure people who are legally on the premises. Given Pennsylvania’s winter weather, keeping ice and snow from sidewalks and parking lots is something property owners have to take seriously. If someone slips and falls and injures themselves…

Erie chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer

Closing on Sale of Erie’s Telatron

In one of the most high profile case of his career, Attorney John Melaragno has been appointed as Trustee for the Creditron Financial Corporation, also known as Telatron. This formally prosperous telemarketer business, founded in 1985, had been hit with declining business, caused in large part by changing laws related to student loans that had…


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