What if the other driver's insurance company wants to take a recorded statement?

After a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company will call you and ask you for a statement about what happened. They may also ask if they can record it. Do not make a statement and do not allow anything to be recorded. 

Despite what the insurance adjuster may say to you, no law mandates you make a statement of any kind to anyone in the aftermath of a car accident – and that applies to insurance companies. You can refuse to make a statement. The insurance company cannot do anything about your refusal. That said, your insurance company may have that condition included in your policy for your coverage to be valid.

If you refuse to provide a statement to your insurance company, it may affect your claim. In most cases, since they are your insurance company, they usually do not require you to make a statement on record. 

The other driver’s insurance company usually requests recorded statements. If you do get a call and are asked to make a statement, refer them to your attorney and decline to answer any further questions. Despite what you may be told, there is no benefit to you by providing a statement to the other side. 

There is no reason for you to provide potential evidence to the other side that may find you at fault for the accident or reveal information that may reduce the amount of damages they pay you. Let your attorney deal with requests like this because insurance adjusters are adept at asking the right questions that may result in you appearing to be partially negligent in causing the accident. 

Keep in mind that anything you say to the other driver’s insurance company can be used against you if your case goes to trial. That statement can be used on cross-examination. Since there is typically a long period between a case being filed and one going to court, contradictions often arise in testimony. This makes you sound and look untrustworthy.

Do not, under any circumstances, provide a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Call your attorney immediately and have them handle it.

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