Should I Release My Medical Records to Another Driver's Insurance Company?

You should not do anything with the other driver’s insurance company or adjuster. Do not speak with the other driver’s insurance company. Hire an attorney right away. The attorney will determine what the insurance company can receive.

Typically, you get asked to sign a medical release because the other driver’s insurance company wants to know what is in your medical records. Not because they want to figure out how much to pay you, but because they are looking for any pre-existing injuries that may not have been caused by the car accident because they would like to deny or diminish your claim.

Additionally, signing anything to release your medical records is a problem if you develop more injuries from your car accident. Never sign a medical release from the other driver’s insurer without seeking legal advice and knowing what your rights are in this kind of situation.

Signing medical releases also violate your privacy. There is information in your medical files that has nothing to do with your accident, and you might not want people to know about it. Additionally, your records may not be complete. Often, injuries do not always present themselves until later, such as whiplash or internal organ damage. Incomplete medical records tend to result in lower car accident settlements.

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