What to do after being injured in a car accident in Erie?

A car accident can change your life in an instant and result in serious, disabling injuries or perhaps death. Filing an accident claim is stressful. Here are steps to take after a car accident: 

  • Call 911 and make sure you get a police report. If you cannot do this, your Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page personal injury lawyer can obtain one for you.
  • Do not place blame on anyone or admit fault. 
  • Exchange contact information and insurance information with all drivers involved in the crash.
  • Obtain medical aid. Keep all receipts and records of your doctor appointments and medical bills.
  • Take photos of the accident scene and the vehicles.
  • Exchange contact information with any witnesses to the accident. 
  • Do not give a verbal or written statement to the insurance companies. Only discuss this first with your personal injury lawyer at Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page.
  • Contact an experienced Erie car accident lawyer at Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page to represent you as soon as you can.
  • File a lawsuit as quickly as you can. The latest you can file is two years after the accident. If you pass the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit, the courts bar your claim.

Survivors who retain an attorney get significantly higher settlements. The personal injury lawyer deals with everything related to your case and including insurance companies who want you to settle fast for a low amount. Insurance agents try to get an early and cheap settlement, so they do not pay out too much money. They want to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.

Hiring an experienced car accident attorney at Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page means they help you understand confusing insurance questions and find out who is liable for your medical, property damage and other expenses. Our attorneys will fight to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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