truck accident attorney

Reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney after a truck accident

Being hit by a truck is not the same type of an accident as being hit by a passenger vehicle. Truck accidents are complex. Often there are multiple parties involved and numerous rules and regulations.

What tends to happen in truck accident cases is that the insurance company for the trucking company may make a settlement offer right away. Typically, it is very inadequate and if it's accepted, means the case cannot be pursued further. In fact, if you do take a settlement and then discover your medical care may run into the thousands of dollars, you have no way to recover that money.

Do not agree to anything, sign anything, speak to the other side's attorney or make any statements in relation to the accident that may seem like you are assuming fault. It is also strongly recommended that you do “not” post “anything” on social media about the accident – no comments and no pictures. Insurance companies love nothing better than to use your own words against you when it comes to having a chance to reduce or dismiss a claim.

One of the main reasons truck accidents are so complex and need the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney is that the trucking industry is awash in rules and regulations relating to specific maintenance for trucks, annual inspections, logbooks, and driver qualifications. A truck accident automatically means all those rules and regulations need to be checked to see if they were being adhered to prior to the crash. An attorney knows these rules and regulations and knows what to look for when it involves possible negligence. An attorney know what regulations may have been violated.

Roadside inspections are another part of driving a big rig and often there are vehicle violations identified, such as vehicle defects, the truck did not have required operating lamps and the clamp/roto-chamber brakes were not adjusted properly. Any one or a combination of violations can cause an accident. Our truck accident attorneys look for the cause and work to get you the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

There may be a number of defendants in a truck accident case, including the trucker, the mechanic who maintains the truck, the trucking company, the truck's owner, the trailer's owner, the owner of the load on the truck, or if the trailer is rented, the person the trailer is rented from.

Additionally, many truck accidents may happen in another state, other than the trucking company's home state. That means additional rules and regulation for “each” state are involved. A trucking accident attorney knows this and can act quickly to find the information needed to see what rules and regulations is “each” jurisdiction may have been violated.

A top trucking accident attorney also immediately sends a letter of presevation to the trucking company that requires they retain all records pertaining to the truck and the driver. If this is not done, it may result in lost or compromised evidence, complicating the success of an accident claim.

There are also, in many truck accident cases, a number of insurance policies involved. For instance the company that hired the truck usually has insurance, the trucker may have his or her own insurance, the truck itself usually has insurance and there are instances where a cargo is insured as well. A trucking accident attorney knows where to find the policies and how to utilize them to your benefit in seeking compensation for your injuries.

Truck accidents are complex and you need someone to handle all the ins and outs of insurance, preserving evidence, negotiating a settlement or taking your case to court, dealing with insurance adjusters, handling all the other trucking company attorneys involved, determining the true extent of your injuries and helping you navigate a difficult and often painful recovery while facing litigation and/or settlement negotiations.

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