Car Accidents in Bad Weather Conditions

Car accidents are prevalent across the nation and in Pennsylvania. The vast majority of collisions occur under no adverse conditions when drivers simply fail to use caution. Failure to use caution when driving leads to many accidents in bad weather conditions. However, at times, the weather is a factor in many accidents. According to PennDOT, the number of crashes caused by poor weather in 2017 in Pennsylvania were categorized as follows:
  • No discernible road hazards/bad weather – 102,782 collisions, 973 deaths
  • Rain/rain and fog – 16,134 collisions, 102 deaths
  • Snow/sleet/freezing rain – 7,349 crashes, 26 deaths
  • Fog/smoke – 719 accidents, 19 deaths
  • Total accidents – 128,188 – 1,137 deaths
The number of crashes caused by poor road conditions in 2017 in Pennsylvania broke down as follows:
  • Dry road conditions – 95,582 collisions, 916 fatalities
  • Wet roads – 23,015 crashes, 173 deaths
  • Snow/slush – 5,790 collisions, 18 fatalities
  • Ice/black ice/ice patches – 3,142 crashes, 23 deaths
  • Total accidents – 128,188 – 1,137 deaths
According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), there are approximately six million crashes every year, and at least 22 percent of them are related to poor weather. Nationwide, almost 6,000 people die on the highways, and 445,000 are injured as a result of adverse weather conditions. Whether it is rain, snow, sleet, fog, hail or even a dust storm, bad weather can have a significant impact on drivers who may not be driving according to the weather conditions. Drivers underestimate how bad the weather really is. Poor judgment on the part of drivers can end in disaster. Applying extra caution and slowing down will help prevent accidents during adverse weather conditions. Does bad weather affect a vehicle accident lawsuit? It does. In the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits, the plaintiff has to prove negligence. Negligence is the failure to take proper care which a reasonable person would do in the same circumstance. If the weather is bad, the duty of care drivers have to others traveling at the same time is heightened. All drivers have a duty to drive safely in good and bad weather conditions. If you have to drive during adverse weather conditions, take the necessary precautions. Be sure to properly service your vehicle, drive according to the prevailing weather conditions and roadways, leave more space between cars while on the road to allow for more stopping time, leave earlier for a planned destination, and drive defensively. If you or someone you love were injured in a car accident during bad weather conditions, contact the experienced car crash lawyers at MP2 Placidi & Parini. Erie accident lawyers MP2 Placidi & Parini are with you every step of the way, helping you to maximize your auto accident claim. If you need help, our attorneys are here to help and guide you.