Is there a difference between personal injury attorneys and other attorneys?

Yes, there is a difference between a personal injury attorney and other attorneys. Most notably, it is in the area of law that they practice. There are criminal defense lawyers, general lawyers, family lawyers, veteran law attorneys, social assistance attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys and immigration lawyers. They are all attorneys, but each has a different area of specialty.

Most lawyers have a chosen field they prefer to work in, and some only take clients in that specialized area. However, personal injury law is a bit different. It covers a range of cases such as car accidents, motorcycle crashes, slip trip and falls, dog bites and truck crashes. If you are injured in an accident involving negligence on the part of one or more drivers, find an attorney whose focus is representing plaintiffs in accident cases.

One of the main differences is that personal injury attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of tort law. Tort laws protect your rights when you are a victim of someone else’s wrongful conduct. 

Personal injury cases mainly deal with seeking damages for the survivor or victim’s injuries and/or property. Many personal injury claims are settled before they get to court. Most personal injury attorneys can and do take a case to trial if necessary.

Personal injury attorneys can:

  • Handle all aspects of your case, which includes gathering evidence.
  • Evaluate how your accident affected you emotionally and physically, which allows them to determine what damages may be applicable in your situation.
  • Protect your legal rights and obtain fair and equitable compensation for property damages and your injuries. 
  • Prove the accident was not the fault of their client.

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