What documents do I need to provide to an attorney for a personal injury claim?

There are numerous items that you can provide a personal injury attorney to file a claim. A personal injury case is a legal conflict when a plaintiff (injured party) and a defendant (possible at-fault person) are at odds over injuries sustained in an accident that happened due to the negligence of one or both parties.

Documents to bring to your personal injury attorney at Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page include: 

  • Name of the ambulance service, if there was one, and the address of the business.
  • Name of the emergency room you were transported to if you were taken to the hospital, and the address.
  • Dates when you were admitted to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital.
  • The names and office addresses of all doctors who saw and/or treated you.
  • The names, addresses and contact information of all individuals involved in the accident.
  • Names of all insurance adjustors you have spoken to and their phone numbers.
  • The names and contact information of all witnesses to the accident.
  • A list of dates that you missed work due to the accident.
  • A list of everyone you have spoken to about your accident and their contact information.
  • The accident report. If this is not available, your attorney can usually track it down.
  • Copies of any written statements you have made and to whom.
  • Your car insurance policy along with the “declarations” page or “coverage certificate.” This spells out what kind of coverage you have and your policy limits.
  • A renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy with the coverage certificate.
  • Your disability or medical insurance policy or coverage certificate.
  • Any other insurance policies that you hold, including veterans’ insurance and primary medical insurance.
  • All written communications received from any insurer about the accident or injuries.
  • Any medical expenses you may have.
  • All receipts for things you needed to purchase because of your injuries.
  • All receipts for things that needed to be fixed due to the accident.
  • Any receipts you may think are necessary for your personal injury attorney to see or know about.

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