Are There Strict Laws in Place For Those Who Text and Drive in Pennsylvania?

Even though there are laws in place regarding texting and driving in Pennsylvania, they are not extremely punishing to offenders. The fine for violating these laws can be as low as $50.

In 2017 there were approximately two citations issued for distracted driving per municipality in Pennsylvania. In 2017 there were about eight citations a day issued in the state – a state that has close to nine million licensed drivers.

According to police, using cellphones while driving is rampant. A 2016 survey indicated that about four out of five drivers said they used their phones while driving. The same survey showed that only 0.1 of state residents were ticketed.

Pennsylvania does not have a hands-free law in place, and the no texting ban only applies to sending or receiving communications. Unfortunately, this vague law allows for many Pennsylvania residents to get away with using their cellphones while driving.

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