I got a police citation that said something about using an Interactive Wireless Communication Device (IWCD). What does that mean?

An Interactive Wireless Communication Device (IWCD) is used to send, read or write a text. An IWCD can include e-devices such as, a smartphone, a personal digital assistant, computer or tablet that users access to send email, instant message, text or browse the internet.

In cases where a driver is caught driving while distracted, it is a summary offense with a fine, plus court costs and other fees. No penalty points are put into your driver’s record if you are a non-commercial driver. However, if you are a commercial driver, the offense is recorded on your driver’s license as a non-sanction violation.

Texting while driving in Pennsylvania is illegal. However, the ban does not include using a GPS device, any device integrated into a vehicle (physically or electronically), or any device fixed to a school, mass transit vehicle or tour bus. The current law does not authorize the seizure of an IWCD.

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