Pennsylvania’s No-Fault Insurance System

An auto accident can change your life in the blink of an eye, resulting in catastrophic injuries or a fatality. Filing an accident claim to recoup medical expenses and other costs is a very stressful experience in Pennsylvania because insurance laws in our state are different than in other states. Pennsylvania follows what is known as the “no-fault” insurance system. Under no-fault, after a car accident, your insurance will pay for medical and other costs incurred by anyone involved in the accident, regardless of fault. Drivers choosing insurance coverage in Pennsylvania have two options. They can select limited tort coverage, where they may not be eligible for damages for pain and suffering in case of an accident. Or they can choose full tort coverage and qualify for compensation for pain and suffering. Most laws have exceptions. With our firm, MP2 Placidi & Parini, you can rest assured that we will tale the time and care to explain everything. You deserve to know the full extent of your legal rights. The more you know, the better the decision you can make to move forward with your case. Some auto accidents are minor. In situations like that, motorists think they can handle their own accident claim case. Most do not realize that insurance companies do not want to pay or would prefer not to pay at all. Handling a claim is difficult, and trying to prove your injuries are the result of the accident and not pre-existing injuries is even tougher. Insurance companies are not your friends. Their main concern is to settle for as little as possible. Adjustors will use everything you say against you. They will minimize the claim as much as possible or deny the claim because of something you said. Do not attempt to obtain compensation from your car crash alone. Disputed insurance claims resolve for more compensation when you have an attorney on your side. Insurance companies have lawyers who will fight you every step of the way. Do not face them alone. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, contact the attorneys at MP2 Placidi & Parini today. Erie car accident lawyers at MP2 Placidi & Parini are with you every step of the way, helping you to maximize your auto accident claim.