Will The Trustee Come to My House?

It is not usual for the trustee to come to your home during bankruptcy. Some circumstances can prompt a visit. You are obligated to provide the court with a clear and accurate financial picture of your assets during bankruptcy. A trustee may visit your home if they received information that you failed to list assets, devalued assets, tried to hide them or even reduced a property’s value.

What are the duties of a trustee? Their duties include:

  • Looking into your financial affairs
  • Selling property that is not exempt
  • Distributing the proceeds to creditors
  • Inspecting your property if there is conflicting information provided by a third party or creditor

Factors that may prompt the trustee to perform an inspection:

  • Undervaluing property in the bankruptcy
  • Overvaluing property in the bankruptcy
  • Not listing all your property
  • Large credit card debt but not much in the way of property to show for it
  • An expensive house, but there is no personal property listed

It is important to note that the trustee cannot take any property without your consent. The trustee may file a motion to force the turnover of any property in dispute. If you refuse to turn over property after the entry of a court order, there could be serious ramifications.

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