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Unsurprisingly, car accidents are common at international airports. People, cars, public transportation, taxis, trucks and more are constantly moving through the Erie International Airport. Despite numerous safety measures to ensure safety, car accidents are common.

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Car Accidents

IN 2018

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), indicates car accidents occur every minute of the day. In the United States, someone is injured in a car crash every 10 seconds, and someone is killed every 12 minutes. A staggering number of collisions with personal injuries, property damages and possible deaths occur every day nationally.

In 2018, 128,420 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania killed 1,190 people and injured 78,219. This translates to 352 traffic crashes, three fatalities and 214 injuries every day.


Most commonly, car crash injuries include, but are not limited to whiplash; traumatic brain injuries; neck and spinal cord injuries; sprains; strains; cuts; broken bones and amputations. For help navigating your car accident at the Erie International Airport, contact an experienced attorney at MP2 Placidi & Parini. They can take steps to maximize your damages and minimizing your fault for the accident through careful investigation.

Car Accidents at Erie International Airport

Causes of Airport Accidents

The nature of an airport creates many opportunities for vehicle crashes. Some of the most common causes of accidents at airports include:

Distracted driving: Many drivers at airports are from out of town and unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Cellphones: Looking at a phone for directions, for example, can take the driver’s eyes off the road long enough to cause a crash. Drivers might also be talking on the phone or texting as they drive.

Drunk driving: Airports usually have bars inside for travelers to enjoy while waiting for flights. Drinking before getting behind the wheel is always dangerous and illegal.

Speeding: Speed is a common factor in accidents. Travelers who are rushing to make a flight might be more likely to speed.

Car Accident Liability

Determining who is at fault in an accident at the Erie International Airport can get complicated. Liability will depend on the circumstances of the crash. The compensation available to victims will depend on who was involved in a car accident. A collision between two private passenger vehicles will look different from a crash between a Lyft or Uber with a passenger vehicle or an airport shuttle and a private vehicle.

For example, if a passenger car pulls out of a parking lot without looking and into a shuttle bus, causing a collision, the car’s driver will not likely be compensated by the shuttle company for damages. Shuttle companies, ride-share services and other modes of public transportation have a responsibility to keep passengers safe while they ride. Should a passenger sustain injuries during their ride, the company will pay for damages when it is found to have breached this duty of care.

Every detail of a car accident at Eire International Airport will matter, and a car accident attorney from Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page should be consulted regarding any liability questions. They will be able to investigate the accident and find evidence to support a claim.

Compensation From a Car Accident at Erie International Airport

After a car accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and damages. In Pennsylvania, there are different types of compensation available.

Non-economic damages are those damages that do not have a numerical or monetary value. For example, non-economic damages include compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, psychological trauma, loss of enjoyment of life and more.

Economic damages are those that have a calculable monetary value. These types of damages include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and more.

Punitive damages are the last category of available damages. These damages are awarded by courts to punish the defendant for, especially egregious behavior.

If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident at the Erie International Airport, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. At Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page, we represent accident victims and their families in all types of accident claims. We also handle wrongful death cases related to fatal car crashes. Contact Placidi, Parini, Grasinger & Page about your case.


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The Comparative Negligence Rule

If you were deemed to be partially at fault for the fatal car accident, then the modified comparative negligence rule will come into play. In such cases, both parties involved in the collision share the blame for the accident. In case of a trial, the plaintiff's damage award may be reduced by a percentage equal to their share of fault.

For example, if a jury in a wrongful death lawsuit awards damages in the amount of $100,000 to cover for injuries and damages but also suggests that you are 40 percent responsible for the accident, the amount of your final damages would be 60 percent of $100,000, or $60,000. However, if a jury determines you were more than 50 percent at fault for the crash, your award for damages is zero.

The comparative negligence rules bind not only judges and juries but also insurance adjusters who evaluate your claim.

If you have been involved in a car accident and wish to discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit, MP2 Placidi & Parini lawyers stand ready to help you navigate the legal process and obtain the equitable compensation you deserve.